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How we do it

The Process

This patented process is called “Vitrography”. The process is a unique way to capture a cherished photo into a 3d image then laser engrave that image inside a piece of crystal. The finished product is mesmerizing because it looks so lifelike. This piece of art never fades or deteriorates and becomes a lifelong treasure. Simply put it immortalizes your loved one.


Step 1:

Go to our “Store” and chose a size of crystal.  Upload or mail a photo of your loved one to us. The photo needs to be of high quality, well illuminated, and not blurry. It can be sent in various formats such as .jpg, .bmp, and .png. If you need any help sending the photo please simply call us and we will walk you through the process or just mail the photo to us. We will do the rest. You can also add captions, names, dates, or scriptures to the crystal. Just specify what you would like to include and select your font.


Step 2:

Once we receive your photo our design team goes to work. With sophisticated software a technician converts your photo into a ready-to-laser, high resolution point cloud 3d image file composed of thousands of microscopic points with different layers of intensity.


Step 3:

Your image is now ready to be etched into the crystal by the laser. The lasers we use are of the best quality in the world. There are laser machines that are less expensive that claim to do the same process but undoubtedly those lasers produce a far inferior image. We use a German engineered laser that is the highest quality sub-surfacing laser in the world and yes, the most expensive, too. So be assured you crystal will be of the upmost quality available.
The result: a timeless, incredible, life like, piece of art that becomes a treasure and last for eternity.



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